We're Pretzel Partners!

We're Pretzel Partners!

Woohoo! We're Pretzel partners!

What's Pretzel you ask?
Well, if you're an avid Twitch streamer, you'd know that playing music during your streams may get you into some trouble. Recently, Twitch has been hit with a slew of DMCA notices, and a lot of streamers have lost their hard earned channels due to this.

We're not into being annoying to our fanbase, so we've been busy doing as much as possible to make using our (artists) music as playable and as usable as possible, without the hassle.

On one side, we've setup the DWX Copyright Free platform, which is a platform on which we can release tracks on a single basis - as well as giving talents a platform to release their music, and streamers a platform to use music without any DMCA issues.
However, that does leave a large portion of our main catalogue feeling a bit left out. And that's where Pretzel comes in.
Pretzel is a piece of software (which works much like Spotify) that you can download and use to play music on your streams. With a "pro" subscription, you can use all the music on that platform without any issue, allowing you to sleep well at night (if you sleep at all..?).

Do you need Pretzel to be able to use our DWX Copyright Free catalogue?
Short answer. No.
You can still continue to use our DWX Copyright Free tracks in your own streams without fear of getting a DMCA strike, or having your VODs muted. We'll make sure to take care of that.

However, DWX Copyright Free tracks are also available in Pretzel, as well as many other tracks from some of our biggest artists!

We're always striving to make your musical experience, the best! <3

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