DWX Copyright Free

DWX Copyright Free

We love being creative, and we also love creative people.
Not just in a musical sense, but people who devote their time and imagination to show the World their point of view, their creations and their dedication for the things they love to do.

For creators, the sometimes vague and mostly difficult to understand rules regarding copyright is a headache to say the least. Content ID, especially on YouTube can be frustrating if you've spent hours, days or even weeks creating something only to have your content demonetised (meaning, you're not earning anything on your creation), or even taken down by content ID claims.
We feel you!

That's why, we've been hard at work to give back to the content creators and fans. And in the same sense, opening new doors for artists to release their music to the World and in turn building a career as well as cooperating with fans and creators to keep the creativity flowing on all fronts.

For artists, that means a strong platform on which their music can thrive.
For creators, that means a closer working relationship with us in regards to allowing you to monetise your work using the music released under this new platform.
And for the fans, it also means that you'll get fresh new music and you'll even be able to download, for free!

What does this mean for music?
For our main labels Dirty Workz, DWX Update, Anarchy and all sub- and partner labels you see popup on our YouTube channel - music distribution will be the same as always including the normal copyright restrictions, marketing and Digital Service Provider partnerships.

For DWX Copyright Free - we will be opening up some new doors for the artists, creators and fans, but will live solely on YouTube.
But of course - we know you love to listen to music on your favourite streaming services like Spotify, so we'll make sure you can keep doing that as well!

Keep in touch
Are you an artist and do you have quality Hard Dance music you want to release? You can still use our Demo submission form and if we like it, we'll definitely be in touch.

Are you a creator?
If you want to use DWX Copyright Free music in your vlogs, live streams, gaming videos, cooking videos, fashion vlogs or anything that is fully your creation, you can read on to learn what you need to do to use this content in your own videos without receiving Content ID claims.
As a rule of thumb, all of this audio content falls under the DWX Copyright Free license.
Should you wish to use this content in commercial products, please send us a licensing request.

Are you a fan?
Well... keep being awesome :) And we hope you'll enjoy this brand new digital platform.
Maybe you'll discover the stars of tomorrow.

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