How it works

Besides the regular form of sending us demos, which you can find here, and our feature on LabelRadar, we are also partnering with VIRPP - a brand new platform which gives us all a little bit of freedom, and you can keep in touch with other like minded producers on that platform.

What are the steps?
All you need to do is create a VIRPP account, update your profile to your own personal look and feel / branding and drop your demo.

Make sure that you fill in all data correctly, as well as selecting a portion of the track you are most proud of - because this is what we are going to be hearing first! If that catches our ear and we want to hear more, we can then choose to listen to the complete track. So, it is very important to be as thorough as possible when sending your demo. Make sure to send your most up to date piece of work.

We highly advise to NOT send through any unofficial remixes or bootlegs - and make sure that any sample use is cleared (such as vocals).

What happens if we like your demo?

You'll receive a pull request from us - meaning we would like to work with your track - after which we setup dialogue to proceed into the following steps of (hopefully) releasing your music on our platform.

Where will my track be released?
Most of the tracks being discovered through our demo process will first see a release (possibly more) on our DWX Copyright Free platform. This platform gives us as well as you (the artist) absolute freedom and move-ability to discover and perfect your own unique sound. Once we notice a growth, the only logical step is up!

Time frame
If we are interested in your demo, we will contact you in order to setup the release.
Please make sure your track remains exclusive for us (meaning, do not send it to other labels) for at least 30 days.

So, stay motivated, stay creative and keep us up to date!

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