Hardstyle NFT

Hardstyle NFT

In collaboration with Hard Driver, we are proud to announce the first ever official Hardstyle NFT!

This NFT drop is a highly exclusive - only minted once - asset in theme of Hard Driver's latest album 'Chemistry'.
With the fusion of atoms, the Hard Driver logo is revealed - backed by his theme track "Chemistry".

Because we like to treat people, the owner of the NFT will also receive:

  • a personal shoutout video by Hard Driver
  • a signed physical album
  • an EXCLUSIVE 'Chemistry' Vinyl (surprise!)
  • a merchandise package comprising of Hard Driver's latest, premium merchandise.

NFT? What in the World?
What is an NFT, you ask? NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Think of it like a rare collector’s item like a baseball, basketball or pokémon trading card. It is a digital asset which is signed off on the (Ethereum) blockchain and YOU are the sole owner of that digital asset. So, that means there is really nothing more exclusive than owning this NFT.

Think of it this way. There are many copies of “The Mona Lisa” painting, but there is ONLY ONE original and, well… you can be the owner.
So, are you a true cyberpunk and ready to own a piece of Hardstyle history? Fire up your Ethereum wallet and start your bidding!

Join us on this musical crypto journey!

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