A billion lightyears away, deep in a corner of the universe….

...lived a yet unknown, technologically advanced humanoid species. For years they prepared a secret mission dedicated to their most experienced space traveler duo, Sapphire & Brax, also known as XCEPTION. With a hypermodern spaceship, they journeyed through the cosmos in order to compile a detailed map of the universe.

When XCEPTION entered the Milky Way galaxy, they sensed an energy unlike anything they've witnessed before. They deviated from their mission to investigate further, stumbling upon the beautiful planet Earth. They immediately fell in love with the one thing that only this planet was capable of creating: the levitating frequencies of the harder styles.

After exploring the harder sounds in collaboration with Earths' own supreme heroes, XCEPTION is ready to unleash their first original song to the world. Sending a message deep into the universe... they're here to stay.

Welcome XCEPTION to Dirty Workz! Their first single 'Constellation Sky' will be released on the 15th of June 2023 on all platforms.

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