Get to know: Ecstatic

Get to know: Ecstatic

We're very proud to welcome Ecstatic to the Dirty Workz main label. They caught our eye and ears with their high production quality and unique style.

Get to know the guys behind Ecstatic in this mini interview:

Tell us a bit about yourself
We are Jordy (21) & Wouter (22), also known as Ecstatic. We met each other at highschool in Nijmegen (NL) in the first grade and became good friends, we always had a combined vision of hardstyle music and some day we decided to start creating something together, which we are still doing eight years later. Two years ago we decided to take things serious and changed our name to Ecstatic, since then it has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride! Before we joined Dirty Workz we released music on AVIO Records which gave us a starting boost of our career. We've had a very succesful 2016 so far, with gigs such as Defqon, Decibel, Q-Base, Hard Island to name a few! Apart from Ecstatic, Wouter is studying Music & Technology at the HKU in Utrecht, Jordy is currently in his third year of communication & Multimedia Design at the Avans University in Den Bosch.

Since you've just joined Dirty Workz, will there be any changes music wise? Which direction are you guys taking?

Some people have always seen us as a euphoric act, due to our first releases which were “soft". But we have stepped out of that box for several months now. We like to create whatever comes in mind, so that can be pretty rough, or pure euphoric. We just go from phase to phase. We don't know yet what we will be producing in say like three months and that's the fun of it. We also feel like our music is maturing is some way. For us, we want to combine the element show with party music, that's what triggered us in the first place to start listening to hardstyle.

How did you guys motivate yourself to get to the point where you are now?

It's all about improving yourself and setting new goals. We're very self critical, and that's a very important value to get yourself to that next level. We have had many moments where we decided to “kill our darlings". That means get rid of projects that are outdated or just not that good enough. We aim that every release is better than the previous one. It's not wasted time you're throwing away because you learn with each project, and you apply that knowledge into the next one. It's also healthy to stand still and reflect on yourself and each other once in a while!

How many tracks can we expect in the upcoming months?

Our first release Inhuman is coming out in December, but the preview is already available on spotify and youtube. Our second release will be a track with more happy feelings to it, more info about that very soon. Furthermore we are really excited for the multiple projects that are currently running, all have a unique feeling, something we strive to capture within each track. One of them is in collaboration with a very talented orchestral based vocalist. We love to combine Hardstyle with epic orchestral elements and finally we had to chance to collaborate with an artist from within that genre. We still have to finish it but so far the result is great and really refreshing!

How do you describe the Ecstatic sound?

Well our name “Ecstatic" describes our sound, we want people to feel “ecstatic" when they hear our songs. We always create a concept or storyline before we start working on a track, this way we can translate the story into a feeling expressed in music. We combine uplifting melodies, atmospheric breakdowns and banging kicks together, that's what we love to do!

Connect with the guys through their social media and website!

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