Dancefair: Panel

Dancefair: Panel

Dirty Workz presents: Exploration Through Sound

Being an artist in a certain genre, you’re sometimes torn between the style you love and the urge to explore and create something new. On one side, you have a dedicated fanbase that expects a clear and precise sound or experience, and on the other you have a passion for music that is not bounded by borders.

With the exponential growth of social media, the World has also become exponentially smaller. Fans from all around the World are now only a few clicks away – and that goes for the contact between other artists and other genres. It is now feasible to extend the boundaries of creationism and bring them into your own World. Experimenting with specific genre related sounds, energies and cooperating with influential artists within your own – but also outside of your own genre space has become more and more the norm. And what about taking it even further into the space of soundtracks and show audio? If you can dream it, you can create it.

Speakers: Sub Zero Project, Sephyx and Ecstatic.

What you will learn:

  • Listen how artists explain their vision on their music
  • When is a good time to take a risk. Or, is there ever a good time?
  • Explore the depth of an artists mind within a genre
  • Discover how to break from expectations and deliver surprises
  • Pick at the artists brain with intelligent questions both on getting started, making a name, branding and musical exploration in the broadest form.
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