Welcome Yuta Imai

Welcome Yuta Imai

After catching our attention on our DWX Copyright Free platform, we're very excited to welcome Yuta Imai to Dirty Workz (Update) where he'll be given even more creative freedom to evolve his sound and grow amongst the top tier artists.

We had a short talk to Yuta and asked him a few questions

Who is Yuta Imai?

My name is Yuta, The artist's name and the actual name are the same :) I was born in Tokyo, and I live in Tokyo.

How does a day in the life of Yuta Imai look like?

I enjoy making music, playing games, and going out on the town.

Being from Japan, how did you discover Hardstyle?

I learned about club music through music games such as "DanceDanceRevolution", and by extension, I learned about Hardstyle.
I think the first Hardstyle I heard was 'Dragonborn'.

What do you want to achieve as a Hardstyle producer?

I'm just trying to be a producer with an original style, even if it takes me a while to create it.

Watch out for Yuta Imai's first single on the label "Rising Sun".

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