We are hiring

We are hiring

Do you have what it takes?
We're looking for fun, down to Earth, creatives to join the team. Do you like thinking outside the box, being creative, following (or even better MAKING) trends and are you (at least somewhat) into Hardstyle!? Then we're looking for YOU!
Oh, small caveat... you also need to enjoy a good laugh and a fair amount of Table Tennis - you will be put to the test!

We are looking for:
* Overall (video) content creator: Someone who is handy with all Adobe packages (Premiere, After Effects, and all that cool mumbo jumbo), who knows and follows the latest online trends, can work with - and preferably has - a camera and above all, is willing to (self) learn, work both in team as well as independently and doesn't have the 9 to 5 mentality... because the music scene is 24/7 (you can have a bit of sleep though).

* Illustrator / artworker: Someone who is handy with all those cool artworky programs (come on, you know what they are!), has an eye for merchandise as well as other artwork content for online use as well as music releases. Are you willing to (learn to) work with a super sophisticated printing-machine-thingy (we'll explain when you come over for an interview), can you deliver illustrator files for print and does 9 to 5 mean nothing to you!? Well, you're what we're looking for!

We'll offer you a fantastic, buzzing place to work, the freedom to do you (and show us what you've got) and of course a nice little pay-check and all those un-important things.
Although the World has become a smaller place, we would really love to see you in person. So you should be able to come to the office on a regular basis - situated around Hoogstraten, Belgium - so you are preferably someone from Belgium or The Netherlands.

And best of all, you do not need to have any previous work experience - it's always handy - but we're looking for that diamond in the rough who we can all bounce off of (not literally... at least, not all the time).

Send us your portfolio and fun little letter to join (at) dirtyworkz.com (check out that bot protection!!) and we hope to meet you very soon!

-x Team Dirty Workz

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